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A White Dove Release Brings an Uplifting Experience to Any Event!

About Us

Our white homing pigeons, decendants of the Rock Dove used in many ceramonies throughout history, are lovingly raised and trained to enhance their natural homing instict.  Our birds are strong, healthy,  and smart. So, not only will they make a beautiful addition to any event, they will also return home safely afterward. 


The birds are beautiful and graceful as they take flight and create a very uplifting experience as they draw your head back and eyes upward. Wheather the release is in celebration of a wedding, anniversary, graduation or birthday, as a ceremonial display at a fund raiser or walk, or as a touching addition to a funeral, memorial or celebration of life, we will work with you to bring a sence of peace and hope to your special occasion.


We offer white dove releases for any type of occasion and taylored to your needs.


Based out of Macomb County and serving the Southeastern Tri-County Area.  

Flyers for Jimmy

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